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Enjoy the great American tradition of garage sales/yard sales while saving on time, money and gas. And … It is a lot of fun! is a market place where members can conveniently shop virtual garage sales. It is operated and maintained by Tangram Media Inc., a Moore county based company following the corporate laws of the State of North Carolina. This online community forum is intended to mainly serve citizens and families of Moore county, North Carolina.

Membership in can be obtained by simply signing up and paying the annual fee of US$ 15.00 (including US$ 3.00 for the featured local charity).

We hope you all will enjoy selling, buying, hunting for bargains and exchanging community related information.
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“Be Fair”
Make sure your “items for sale” or donations show a brief and easy to understand description so further buyers can relate to your post. Add one or more good quality pics, your asking prize and – if needed – extra info on colors, measurements, texture, availability etc.

Please contact us immediately if you want to report:

Statues (as of October 2015)

Liability Disclaimer accepts no liability/responsibility for the content of any member postings, photos or comments, failed transactions, or unsuccessful transfers. Any views or opinions that might be presented in member postings are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of reserves the right to change terms of use without notice. reserves the right to:

  • Revoke memberships
  • Ban members violating the current statutes
  • Delete posts, photos and comments without prior notice

The posts in this forum will appear in chronological order, i.e. on a “first come first serve” basis. To make it a FAIR PLATFORM posts cannot be “bumped”.

Items/Posts that are prohibited from this forum:

  • Animals/Pets – At we believe that animals have the right to be treated respectfully and according to the Animal Welfare Act. As we are not in the position to follow up on the well being of animals being “traded” in this forum we ask for your understanding that we cannot accept pets or animals.
  • SPAM posts
  • Explicit adult material
  • Political statements
  • Business ads/marketing (* if you want to market/advertise your business on this site, please contact us at
  • Business recruiting
  • Advertising
  • Stolen or pirated items in violation of state or federal laws.
  • Firearms that require a permit and/or background check, like pistols, rifles and Shotguns.
    No live ammunition either.
  • Items that by law require a permit, or license to purchase


How do I add an item to

  • We have created a short and easy-to-understand video tutorial for our members. Just watch “How to add an article to” and start selling …

How long will my post be online?

  • Your post will be online for 4 weeks
 – then it will be automatically deleted by the system. However, we suggest to delete your post right after the transaction is done. This procedure not only guarantees that only “active” posts are in the forum but also makes it easier for other members to “shop”.

Can I delete my post at any time?

  • Yes, we would encourage you to do so after the item is sold or obsolete (see above)

How many posts can I publish daily?

  • You can publish up to 5 posts/day so each member has equal chances that his or her posts are seen by others.

What is the maximum number of pictures I can add?

  • We recommend you add up to five pictures for every post.

Can my post be seen on mobile devices?

  • Absolutely! This website is fully responsive meaning it automatically adjusts to all devices (smart-phones, tablets, PC’s etc.)

How do I report Spam?

Are businesses allowed to sell/market on YARDSALEMOORENC.COM?

  • This is a yard sale for private persons only! If you are a business owner and want to advertise on this platform please contact us at

Why is YARDSALEMOORENC.COM not for free?

  • This forum offers many benefits such as categories, the possibility to search for an item/brand and a support section. To maintain this high level of service and to guarantee that is always up-to-date a support team is constantly maintaining/updating  this website.

Why did you choose Unchaining Moore Dogs as your first-year charity organization?

  • One of the owners of Tangram Media Inc. recently adopted a rescue dog from and was impressed by the efforts and the great work of this Moore county based non-profit organization. It is a small group of dedicated animal lovers that go way and beyond to help dogs (and sometimes cats, rabbits …)  in need. To learn more please go to:

Can I suggest the next charity to benefit from this program?

  • Definitely. We are looking forward to receiving suggestions and will set up a poll so all members can participate!

What to do if I can’t find an appropriate category?

  • We are always trying to improve our platform so please feel free and contact us at We will be more than happy to add a category to our websitee, if so needed!